LEDA Collaboration


From the very beginning, LEDA laboratory had successful collaboration with many university centers. The best results were achieved through collaboration with the University of Southampton, Middlesex University, Technical University of Vienna, Technical University of Madrid and the universities of Ilmenau, Sofia, Skopje and Banja Luka.

Overview of some is given below:

University of Southampton (Middlesex University)

ESSNBS (ISSNBS) project (Erfurt/Ilmenau, Sofia, Skopje, Niš, Banja Luka, Sarajevo)

Technical University of Vienna

University of Besancon

Technical University of Madrid

Institute of Physics, Belgrade

The most recent collaboration project started in june 2007

Network of Integrated Circuit Design Teaching Centers in Black Sea Region with cooperation of

  1. University of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Serbia
  2. State Engineering University of ArmeniaMicroelectronic Circuits and Systems” Interdepartmental Chair of Yerevan, Armenia
  3. Technical University of Sofia, Faculty of Electronics, Bulgaria.



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