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::::Laboratory for Electronic Design Automation::::

Main research endeavors are in:



  • electronic circuit mixed signal simulation
  • hardware description languages
  • microsystem simulation
  • statistical circuit analysys

Integrated circuit design

  • full custom and semi-custom CMOS analog and mixed circuit design.
  • programable logic design

Electronic testing

  • test generation algorithms
  • delay-fault modeling
  • implementation of boundary scan.

Symbolic circuit analysis

  • large scale circuit symbolic modeling and simulation.

Neural networks

  • implementation in device and circuit modeling
  • implementation in electronic testing
  • implementation in electronic diagnosis

Industrial electronics

  • electronic power mettering
  • power factor measurement of small loads
  • harmonic distortion analysis
  • power factor correction in electronic supply equipment

Sustainablle electronic design

  • concept of sustainable electronic design
  • end of life management of electronic products