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Computer Integrated Laboratory for Electronics

The Computer integrated laboratory for electronics is implemented as a part of TEMPUS CD-JEP 17028 project.



Computer integrated laboratory for electronics was developed as a part of TEMPUS CD-JEP 17028 project. It is aimed to emphasize the learning of electronic component and circuit behaviour and to develop other praxis to teaching measurement skills. Hardware part of the system is based on PC computers with acquisition cards and circuits whose parameters are measured. The software part is realized using LABVIEW programming tool. The main goal of this system is to simplify manipulation of instruments, faster measurement and acquisition of the results, providing students to concentrate on measurement essence.

A workplace based on CILE technology

Computer integrated laboratory is realized using National Instruments PCI-6014 acquisition card. This card has 16 analogue inputs with 200kS/s sampling rate, two analogue outputs with 10kS/s sampling rate, 8 digital I/O channels and two 24-bit counters. PCI-6014 is a PCI based acquisition card. External signals or devices under testing can be connected with acquisition card using CB-68LP block panel and SH68-68-EP cable.

Virtual instrument (Screenshot)
Interactive presentation of a virtual instrument


Software part is developed in LABVIEW package. LABVIEW provides intuitive developing interface with possibility of developing GUI applications. The system integrates various virtual instruments that are created from scratch: functional generator, component characteristic tracer, network analyzer, signal analyzer, oscilloscope and frequency meter. Although this is an educational system, it can be used in research purposes, too.


Some additional informations can be found in a .pdf document (500kB) - Computer Integrated Analogue Electronics Laboratory for Undergraduate Teaching by Marko DimitrijeviŠ. The document is based on Power Point presentation used during ISSN meeting in Sofia on 10th October, 2005.

List of all relevant scientific papers (includning .pdf documents) concerning the Computer Integrated Analogue Electronics Laboratory can be retrieved from LEDA publications database.