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Tempus project (JEP 41107) 2006
System on chip design

Specific Objectives of the project:

  • Improve Electronic integrated ciruit design curricula (system on chip) at masters level by updating/creating courses.
  • Development of laboratory practices and introduction to project fabrication and testing.
  • Teacher-student ratio improvement.
  • Textbook publishing.

Project documents


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Prof. Octavio Nieto Daladriz Garcia, Laboratory of Integrated Systems (LSI), Department of Electronic Engineering (DIE), School of Telecommunication Engineering (ETSIT)
Prof. Mark Zwolinski, Electronic Systems Design Group (ESD), School of  Electronics and Computer Science (ECS),
Prof. Aksenti Grnarov, Faculty: Faculty of electrical engineering and information technologies, Department: Informatics and computer science
Prof. Vančo Litovski, LEDA, Elektronski Fakultet



1. Curriculum development

2. Laboratory restructuring

3. Teacher training

4. Library, inter-partner sharing

5. Pilot student exchange

6. Dissemination

7. Sustainability

8. Quality control

9. Management of the projects


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